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Have you ever had so much going on in your life that when you look back at the past month, it feels like just a few days? That is exactly what it has felt like recently. It has comprised of a short, crammed trip to Singapore, overloaded last two weeks at school in HK, outlandish travel day back to the USA, short time with a bunch of events in Arizona, followed up with a flight out to Kansas City where I currently am. After this, I will head out to Colorado, then off to California on the 13th. Next stop will be Arizona, then back to Colorado for New Years with friends. Finally, I will travel back to AZ for a little and then flying to Savannah, GA for school on the 7th. One would think that when school gets out, you would be able to keep it chill for a bit before the next quarter, but that isn’t really winding-up up to be the case! Though my travels have continued and seem to be crazy, I wouldn’t want it to be any different. As I see it, everyday should be lived up to fullest. I mean, what better way to live life than filled with travel, experiences, amazing people and 0 sleep!? Ok, maybe minus the 0 sleep. Nevertheless, I’m going to briefly take you through this past month or so!

It began with Singapore! As far as first impressions go, right after I got off the plane it was nice to see such an easy, simple, well designed airport. I then ubered to my accommodation located in little India, which ended up being a pretty cool area, in a great location of Singapore! Most of my time was spent walking around the city and seeing/experiencing as much as possible. A couple of my favorite adventures would have to be walking the skywalk of the gardens by the bay and going around the Singapore flyer! I highly recommend both if you are ever in or around Singapore! The downtown areas were very neat as well. It is a pretty new country/city for the most part and everything is quite modern. The architecture and city layout as a whole is purely remarkable. It makes you wonder that if this is what places are looking like now, what are cities going to look like in the future! Furthermore, the culture there is very mixed. It is a new Asian city, but with a large western influence! Many even speak English, which makes communication much easier! One last thing I have to mention is the well-known Louis Vuitton store on Bay Front Avenue. You have probably seen a picture of it somewhere, but not necessarily known it to be in Singapore. It is the most beautiful store I have ever been to, and located on the water with a magnificent view overlooking downtown. Everyone is just so nice and it is simply a spectacular store you have to visit. All in all, Singapore overall is a city like no other, I’m sure you will find very interesting. I recommend spending some time there if you are ever in the area. If you have a bit more time, you can also make your way into Malaysia after, as it is right next-door! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to, but definitely will whenever I find myself in the area again.

As I arrived back in Hong Kong, everything got super busy. I had to deal with getting done with finals, while getting last minute errands done prior to leaving. I’m not sure how, but I somehow managed to survive and get done with everything I needed to, plus enjoy some quality social time saying so long to all my new friends that I won’t be seeing for a little while! It was all great fun. At least until the morning I was suppose to leave. As I hadn’t gotten sleep the days leading to my flight, I was very tired and fell asleep doing some last minute packing before leaving to the airport! I woke up 40 minutes before my flight, so I rushed over but didn’t make it to the plane on time. To fly standby, I would of had to wait two more days, which I couldn’t do, so I had to figure out a whole new flight while at the airport. Thankfully, I ran into three great people at Delta and got on a plane within an hour and even arrived back to Arizona faster then my last itinerary would have been. In then end, it worked out much better.

Finally back in AZ, I got to support my mother as she did an ironman (which was magnificent and so great to watch). While enjoying my break back home, I got this terrible 24 hour sickness which took away a day. After being sick, I ran some necessary errands and had a wonderful time with family during Thanksgiving. It was a good time, and before I knew it I was on plane to Kansas City! That was just a couple of days ago, and I have been having such a blast with some of my favorite people (friends/family) in Kansas City! One of my best friends, Sierra, is in the Miss Kansas USA competition, so I have been able to be here with a bunch of other great friends supporting her this weekend! So that is mostly what I have been up to lately! I have had a blast with it all, and that will continue as I head off to Colorado in a couple days!

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