Tokyo, Japan

As I have talked of in the past, I planned a trip to go to Tokyo, Japan last week, and I had such an amazing time! Even though I planned this trip much ahead of time, I was unprepared just hours before my departure.

The week leading up to the day of departure was hectic. I was at the School working until midnight on Wednesday, until the security asked me to leave because they were closing up. I knew I flew out the next day but didn’t even know what time. I was barely even thinking about the trip to be honest! Once I got back, I checked my flight (8am) and started packing. I can’t even recall if I went to sleep or not that night, but I do know I made my flight and slept most of the way! Funnily enough, two of my schoolmates happened to be seated right next to me.

Once I got there, I took a bus into the city followed by a train and walk to my accommodation. The transport was a little bit more difficult due to not having internet, but still made it! The next morning, I got a little extra sleep and headed into Shibuya to explore and take some shots (camera kind). Once there, I had such a blast walking around. Everybody I met was super nice as well. I went to the camera shop to get some film, and they helped me out greatly. I asked them about an issue with my Sony, and they couldn’t help, but printed out a map and directions of how to get to the Sony store! Once I left, I was having trouble navigating, so I proceeded to a place to get a SIM card. As they were installing it, I got talking to one of the employees, who was super nice. After I mentioned fashion design, he asked if I knew about the fashion show next door. I was like “what?!” After I finished there, he walked lead me over to the location and introduced me to some people! Ended up being the Amazon Fashion Show, Tokyo! I then met some more people and got to watch the next show, which was spectacular! I got a handful of awesome shots of models and the unique clothing designs in detail, needless to say, as a fashion student, I learned a lot!

The next morning, I walked over to the Rapha Tokyo store to grab a nice hot latte during a rainy morning and then visited a car dealership which is said to be one of the nicest in the world (though it would be hard to beat Audi South Coast). I don’t believe any of their cars was under a million USD. While I was there I met this bro from Malaysia called Shafiq who was super enthusiastic about cars and we had a great convo.

After that, I went back to drop off some stuff and head into Shinjuku to get a sushi dinner! Absolutely loved it. On my third day, I walked over to Takeshita street, and then an Apple Store, as my laptop had died, and I still needed to edit photos, so I literally sat there for like 2 hours. Once done, I strolled over to the Fujifilm Wonder Photo shop to print some photos. While there, I met this great guy (Saburo), that was actually in Arizona, California like a year ago taking photos with friends, and also has a Sony Alpha, as I do! We got along great, and I will hopefully see him again and shoot with him in the future. Anyways, that ended up being a long day, so I went back after that and prepared for Typhoon Lan that was to come that night. The next morning, I was amazed to actually see the sky! The whole time I had been there, it had been cloudy and rainy. As it was my final day, I wanted to make the best of it. I took the train over to Minato and went up to the top floor of Mori tower to take photos and check out the Mori Art Museum. It was a great experience as I saw some beautiful art pieces, pretty much every building in Tokyo including a great view of Tokyo Tower and watched the sunset over Mount Fuji. Once it started to get late, I decided to pop into town for my last sushi dinner in Tokyo, and spent the rest of the night having a good time and making awesome new friends (Kentaro, Nanami, Mio and Tatsuo)! After a great last night, I remember not getting any sleep before my flight out the next morning! All in all, it was a remarkable trip. Tokyo now became one of my favorite cities after this short but eventful trip. From my experience, I believe Japan definitely did something right. The city is extremely clean, very organized easy to commute around and the architecture and aesthetics is just beautiful everywhere you go, and it is super lit all over at night, with a bunch of neon. Not to mention all the wonderful locals that are super nice and informative. I seriously can’t find anything I don’t like about the city. If you ever think about going, I definitely recommend. I am now back in Hong Kong working away at school until my next adventure!

Photo Gallery from Amazon Fashion Show

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