2 Cents of my Philosophy: Life's Path

This is a blog I have been waiting to write for a while now. And along the way I’ve learned that I find it difficult to convey some particular thoughts in a manner that is easily understandable. On top of that, everybody has their own opinions and thoughts of what their particular path is for. I would compare it to trying to define the “best” country in the world. No one place is the best, because they are all different. I believe that there is an individual purpose for everyone.

Inevitably, I have learnt some things along my own path thus far. What I can accumulate of these experiences up to this point in life, is my personal vision. It, of course, took time and difficulty to understand and clarify what I believe my true purpose in this world is. I know I have been very fortunate over the years, for which I am tremendously thankful. Admittedly, I have taken it for granted at points (not going lie), but I know I have never deserved anything I have been blessed with, and I truly am thankful. I also I have unbelievable opportunities, amazing friends and family that have always been by my side and supported me (even through the hardships). I’m sure some of those people are reading this right now, and I want to express my gratitude for being part of my life (don't know what I would do without you). With that said, I am here to talk about what I believe my path is, and why.

When you think of a life path, it is easy to get lost (especially along the way). Individuals all have their own particular philosophies with valid purposes, so if you don’t necessarily agree with what I say, I will totally agree with you on that. Just to clarify, this is just my personal two cents.

Reflecting on last month’s trip to Cambodia, it really made me think. The corruption and poverty is unreal. With that said, there are millions and millions of people all over the world in the same situation (and worse) as we speak. Our first instinct as humans is to help as many of these people as we can at once. For example, donating or going on a mission, which is great! Sometimes I have thought, why I am I experiencing a wonderful life in Hong Kong getting an astounding education, which is far beyond a dream to so many, when I could be assisting so many individuals in poverty consumed countries. I mean, I know I could be helping tons, which is way more then what I am worth, as an individual. There is an answer to that though.

Now I am going to go a little bit off subject to describe what that situation I speak of really is, just because I am sickened by it. There are people that spend 24 hours a day slaving away, just to help their family survive! They are barely making a quarter of what the average person would spend at one bar here when they go out. They are still living in fear of their lives as well. To this day, people are even getting evicted from land undeservingly, which can sometimes end tragically! I can't go too much into that from where I am publishing this, but it is so crazy that events like that still happen in todays society. There is also a large amount of sex trafficking. Sadly, some unfortunate portions of these women are constantly drugged and really have no conception of real life. They might never. I don't see any case where somebody would ever be able to live normally after such a long traumatic experience like that. It is one of the most sickening things ever! It’s literally hell on earth for these people. It is unreal what is really happening out there. But seeing these areas are what can drive someone to truly make a difference. May I also add in, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

All that plays a huge role of what I center my goals to be based on. Yea, I can probably go out there and help a solid amount of people to have a tremendous life change, but I don't know how much a difference it would make on the whole of the matter. The corrupted issues are still going to occur, and people are going to get hurt. What I believe will make an even bigger difference, is having the power to persuade the majority, to work towards fixing these issues on a bigger scale.

With a passionate purpose of my life, my goal is to make as much a change possible. In my opinion, art is one of the best ways to do this. Through drawing, making garments, shooting photographs, etc., you can truly convey your feelings and inspiration through design and art. For example, my majors are fashion design and photography, but I’m going to use a fashion design for this example. Say Gucci makes a beautiful collection that has a correlation with the culture and designs of the 20th century mixed with some other elements. It will be drop dead gorgeous and everyone will be talking about it. They have the power to get their thoughts and designs across a huge amount of audience. Now say they make the next collection based on an experience the designer had in a third world poverty country, and spoke of the reality and experiences behind their trendy new designs. People would love the new garments and be informed of the purpose. This can bring along togetherness and shed light among what is going on, which can carry awareness to fix the issues. All while maintaining their rank at the top level of high fashion. It may take some sacrifices to pull off, but the impact is much greater. Now, one does not have the power to be able to do that, without the experience, knowledge and most importantly, audience.

My goal is to put my work into a purpose I truly believe in (whether it be photography or fashion) to spread knowledge and attention into the eyes of many. After all, I can only contribute my best effort, so it is truly up to the population and coming generations to make a difference in this world. Sadly, so many governments are corrupt, but all these minor movements can eventually be put into something huge. At the end of the day, what we have is hope and a dream that keeps us going.

Maybe saying it like that, it seems easy, but if it really were, more people in power would be making a change if they know what is right. With success comes money and greed. It can so easily get into ones mind, resulting in nothing less then an attractive loved one, huge house, tons of nice cars, and so on. And that is completely fine, don't get me wrong. Heck, I would love to have that myself someday, but it’s not my set goal. It can come with success, but it is the other aspects that really define ones path. For example, spreading kindness, staying true, helping others, donating time/money for the right causes, and spreading the word of what one may believe in, to make the movement larger than themselves.

With all that said, this is a total personal opinion on my thoughts and what I believe my purpose is about, and I wanted to share. I am 100 percent for hearing feedback if you have anything you may want to say. I’m sorry if any of my points may have been perceived a little differently then intended or offensive (I promise I did not mean to). I do not mean to come across like that at all. For a last note, I love everybody and am supportive of anyone’s stories and paths as long as it is not damaging to others. On a last note, I wanted to include just one photograph I took whilst in Cambodia, which is in my opinion, one of the more powerful shots I have taken. I went to a community, called the Floating Village (literally a village floating on water). As I was there, I had the pleasure to visit an orphanage/school and meet a number of great kids. There was one in particular that really stood out from the rest. We seemed to have established a profound connection. In no doubt, she was one of the most lovely, sweetest children. All I have to hold on to this memory is this photo I took. I just hope the best for her, and that she has the finest journey possible. It kills me that I can’t go just go back and help her. She and all the kids are just so young, and it’s sad to see them in the position their in. It truly just kills me to think about sometimes. This is real life. But again, I believe the best I can do right now, is be the most successful I can, and transpire to portray a powerful image through my art in the near future.

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