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Hello everybody! I’ve been up to a lot recently, and haven’t made it such a priority to work on my blog... but here I go! I started classes a couple weeks ago here in Hong Kong, as I am studying abroad this fall quarter! My classes take up much time on their own, so as I have added many other activities like clubs, cycling, social time with friends, and loads of extracurricular projects, it has been insane! I have been enjoying every bit of it nevertheless!

My current classes are communication/speaking of ideas, fashion technology, and life drawing. In communications, we have been learning about, and writing formal presentations. It isn’t my favorite class, but I know it’s a really good skill to incorporate into the professional world! In fashion technology, we are learning about different sewing techniques, finishes, materials, patterns and etc.. It a necessity to be able to assemble nicely finished garments, and assess the quality of others. Lastly, I have life drawing. This is one of the classes I have been super eager to take, since I have struggled when it comes to drawing people. It was very difficult the first week, but I am learning and seeing results fast! With all these spectacular classes, and amazing professors, I can’t wait to see how improved I am as an artist and speaker, come the end of this quarter!

Furthermore, I am in the drawing club to ameliorate my drawing abilities and meet new people! I am also working on some paintings, as it is a new medium I am very interested in, especially oil. The school has a perfect little painting studio! As far as my studies go right now, that’s pretty much it. Alongside a couple other clubs, however there are often conflicts with all the activities, so I am not always able to attend everything.

Outside of school, I have been quite involved with the RCC! The Rapha clubhouse here is an amazing group of people that I am overjoyed to have met! They have been taking me in and helping out in all sorts of ways, from getting me set up on a great bike to ride, to introducing me to new friends and holding great group rides. Being aware that still isn’t enough to keep me busy, I have also been very time consumed in various cyber programs. I came to a realization that we live in a computer world, and figured it was time to expand my knowledge and become tech savvy! I am not going to go into that, but I have been spending countless hours on it! I will be incorporating these prominent skills into my website, which I hope to get further involved, via regular blog posts, website updates and more.

Since a bit more is still needed to keep me busy to a point that I get 0 sleep, I am also traveling/exploring more, to garner a finer understanding and sight of this beautiful planet! As you may have known, for the month of August/early September I stayed in Bangkok Thailand, and spent time in other cities/regions around Thailand🇹🇭, as well as Cambodia🇰🇭. To sum all that up, I got to play some stellar golf🏌️, ride/play with elephants🐘, feed/walk with tigers and lions🐅, walk in a exhibit with loads of crocs🐊, eat scorpions🦂, go on crazy boat adventures🚤, drive a mo-ped around a beautiful island🛵, explore through the rainforest regions of Kanchanaburi🌴, visit Angkor Wat🗿, and really see the lifestyle/culture of all these third world regions. I will say it is very eye opening and dissimilar to anything I ever seen prior. When in these areas, you are able to perceive life in a considerably divergent respect. If you haven’t already experienced the culture in any these areas, I urge you to visit if you ever get the chance!

With all that caught up in a concise account, I am presently in the marvelous city of Hong Kong! I already have tons of great friends, and countless things to do! Living on the Kowloon Side, I’m located right by Sham Shui Po, a short walk from school, and Prince Edward MTR station (from which you can get virtually anywhere in the city). I wouldn’t wish to be located anywhere else! I even get to awake to a breathtaking 26th floor view (pictured) every morning! I will return home to the US in two months time after I finish this Fall quarter. Until then, I have a couple extra trips planned. I will be traveling to Tokyo, Japan🇯🇵 mid next month, as well as Macau🇲🇴 and Mainland China (short trips)! I am planning some additional trips to some pretty rad places, but they are not yet confirmed, as there are tons of activities going on here in HK. I can’t wait to blog and share these journeys with you all! Anyhow, I hope this blog wasn’t too crazy of a read! I had so much to catch up on and cram in; promise my future blogs won’t be so batty!

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