Grinding dirt climbs and crazy NYC riding

This past trip has been a perfect way to end the summer, before heading to Georgia at the end of the month. I arrived to NYC on the 10th, and was amazed. It was such a big city with huge skyscrapers. I arrived mid-day due to delays, so I spent the majority of the night settling in and adjusting. As well as going to a Launch party for a new designer! I stayed on Wall Street, so it was a little less lively then more uptown, but it was still pretty active. The next day, I went on a morning ride, just spinning through the city. A big part of the trip was riding in a Rapha Prestige ride in West Virginia (Appalachia), with some friends on the 13th, which I was really looking forward to. A Rapha Prestige is a long ride, usually with a big amount of elevation gain, made to be very difficult to finish. You have to be part of a team of 4 to participate, and be ready to have an epic day on the bike, as well as a stellar time hanging out with other great cyclists after the ride. In this case, my team of 4 consisted of Julia Kristin, Cameron Smith, and Dominic Low; three great RCCNYC members and friends. We left to go to West Virginia on the 12th, and arrived very late. We immediatly crashed at the house, and before I knew it, we were headed to the start of the ride at 5 in the morning. At 7:12, we departed on the 112 mile, 11,000 ft journey. A large majority of the race consisted of dirt roads, making it even more epic. Anyways, long ride short, we had a great time, and all completed it, other then Cameron who unfortunately broke his wheel on one of the descent. Thankfully he was ok, and didn't go down. Following the ride, we all had tacos and drinks. It was a blast meeting all the wonderful people that came out. The following morning, we started the ride back to NYC, and had a nice day of rest and relaxation. The two days after that, I just further explored the city, and saw more friends. Now it's the 16th and I am writing this on a plane on my way back to AZ! I had such an amazing time there.

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