New year, and New York

As I was gone for most of this summer, I had forgotten how hot it was here in AZ! It’s crazy. Luckily, it is dry though, and is great weather to go swimming in! However, it is very exhausting at the same time. Anyways, I have been surviving here, while trying to adjust to the weather. I also had a birthday last week (19th), and am hoping to have my very best year yet! It has been going well so far, and I am super excited for a trip to NYC, where I have just arrived today! I will be here for about a week, getting together with some friends, and taking a short trip to Appalachia to participate in a Rapha Prestige ride!

Picture 1: Out golfing in Surprise, AZ

Picture 2: Baby tortoise I found on one of my rides through the Sonoran Preserve

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