Cascade Cycling Classic

My time racing in the Cascade cycling classic here in Bend has gone way too fast! Oregon has such a wide variety of beautiful land. I had a blast on and off the bike! During the long road stages, just being able to look around and enjoy the scenery, kept me going strong. To summarize the race, the first stage was a 112 mile road race with a mountain top finish, second stage was a 16 mile hilly/flat time trial, third stage was 105 mile road race with two big climbs, fourth stage was a 75 minute criterium, and the final day was a very hilly 82 mile circuit race. The competition consisted of many Pro/1 teams, with a good amount riders that will be competing in the Tour of Utah next week! So it was a pretty hard race with fast riders. With my season not being the best I have ever had, my goal was mainly to make it past all the stages, and feel good going into next year! In result, that’s what I was able to do! Out of about 180 starters, I finished in the top 100. For having such a bad year, I am more then happy with this result. I have some changes I am making, and I know next season will be much better! Other then that, it was such an amazing race. It’s a pleasure to be racing with pros that I always looked up to when I got into cycling. I never would have thought I would actually be racing with them. I mean, some of the riders I race with now, we're world tour as late as last year. All in all, I had an amazing time! I am now headed back home to Arizona after being gone for a while. It will be nice to be back for little, before starting school at SCAD!

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