Bend Bound

My last week in Kansas has been filled with only great moments, as so were all the other weeks. I never thought Kansas could be such a blast until I came here last summer. I realized that anywhere you are can be equally as memorable, with the right environment, and company. I am so blessed to have such great people in my life. Now this past week, I have just been hanging out with friends for the most part, and then raced the tour of Lawrence Friday through Sunday. I was pretty excited to end my time here with some gnarly racing!

On Friday, we had street sprints, and the next two days consisted of one crit each. During the street sprints Friday, I pretty much won, but was later on DQ’ed for being accused of going over on a rider in the final, who was already behind me. It was pretty unfortunate, and a terrible call, but it is what it is. Then on Saturday, three riders got off the front, and I took the field sprint, finishing 4th. Lastly on Sunday, I just had a terrible race. I missed a big break early on, which cost me the race. The first two days however, still made the overall race a success.

With the race having marked the end of the trip, I am now en route to Bend, Oregon, to participate in the Cascade cycling classic (5 day stage race)! I’m really looking forward to my time in Bend; it looks like a beautiful area!

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