Fireworks, friends and more

These past couple weeks have been nonstop! After I arrived in Kansas on the 27th, my friend Alex and I headed to Louisville, Kentucky the following morning for U23 road national championships. The rest of his family met us out there the next day, and we all had such a great time in the city. I didn’t end up having the best road race, but Alex finished a stellar top 20!

Directly following nationals, we traveled over to Topeka, Kansas to spend the 4th of July weekend on the lake (Lake Sherwood). We shot and watched a crazy amount of fireworks, boated almost 24/7, and just had a spectacular time doing pretty much everything. Not to mention the group yoga sessions! Marvelous memories were made.

When we got back from the lake on Tuesday, I made a later-minute decision to participate in a triathlon (which was today), and signed up in the nick-of-time. On Thursday, we decided to go back to the lake house for some fun, and I came back late last night for the tri. After getting about 5 hours of sleep, I found myself on the way to the triathlon. After setting everything up in transition, I headed over to the start. The race was going well during the swim and bike, but I completely bombed the run. I got passed right in the beginning, and just lost my mo jo, ending up 3rd overall. Despite that, I still had a blast!

Looking forward to the tour of Lawrence next weekend.

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