Travel Begins

Have you ever had those days where you just feel too sore and tired to do anything!? That was me most of the week. It started Monday when I went out to lake pleasant with some friends. We ended up being there in the blistering heat for at least 3 hours, cliff jumping, off roading, rock climbing, swimming and running around. I have to say, it was loads of fun, yet very exhausting. On Thursday, I then decided to go to Slide rock in Sedona, to do some more cliff jumping. Once again, it was great until the next morning! However, no regrets. On Saturday, I had another 5k race in the sunrise running series I’ve been doing. I was finally able to take a win, after getting 2nd in the past two races. Lastly this week, I got in some solid Tee time with my father Sunday morning. After that, I decided to start packing since I left the next morning (yesterday) for a busy 2-4 weeks of greatness! I am now here in Kansas to have a spectacular next couple weeks!

^ Some of the beautiful Sedona red rock

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