Racism in America


          2020 is a year many of us wish we could just get past and forget. Fortunately, it has still been a descent year for me. I graduated, spent much good time with friends and family, been on spectacular trips, etc.. And I don’t say that to brag about how fortunate I am, but to fight against all the hate that has been released this year. I’ve been staying quiet about everything going on, thinking that if I don’t exploit on it publicly, I’ll be doing my part on helping it go away. However after some recent thought, I have chosen to write on it. As an artist it is not my way to just sit back and stay out of the current culture. It is in my passion to express. 


          Being a highly emotional nomination year, the nation has quite literally gone up in flames. Riots, looting, burning cities, tearing down statues, you name it. Is this the nation you want to stand for? In what way is this all justified? It’s been condemned by almost every leader. Now I get it. The reasons most of these individuals are “fighting” for are one hundred percent respectable. Nevertheless, it has gotten completely out of control. Violence and causing harm on others does not have to be the answer and should not. If this keeps progressing, we’re going to see another civil war. This hatred and unrest needs to tone down. 


          America is a country founded on July 4th 1776. A country developed with Judea Christian values in mind to create a constitution with a strong foundation. This foundation allowing most importantly freedom and a free market system to its citizens among many other rights was to create a country FOR THE PEOPLE. The founding fathers knew this constitution would not be perfect as we all know now, which is why it was written in a way to allow for further improvement that has gone on to make this country the one of the most successful in the world. We’ve made some of the best medical advancements (from the first vaccine for rabies in 1882 to Lyme disease 22 years ago), operate the most powerful military, invented airplanes, were first to land on the moon, hold the right to due process, and use our wealth and power to help many other countries. So many immigrants from all over the world dropped everything (and still do) to come over here and be apart this land of opportunity. We are the most diverse nation in the world.


          All this talk about US being systemically racist, evil, made to benefit only the rich is nonsense. I’m sorry, but it is. Yes, we had slavery ok. Nearly EVERYBODY agrees that it was bad. And those that do not, well that is a VERY small percentage. With 328 million people, we can’t convince everybody to share our moral values. Like any other country, not every one of our citizens is perfect. Anyways, there is a reason slavery got abolished. And for the record, it was culturally accepted in many nations from ancient times. 


          Unfortunately, slavery was how it was for many years. Where do you think the individuals were originally sold from anyways? It was their native countries with others of their own decent. America did not invent slavery; it was a worldly problem. Around the same time, it was abolished in many other countries as well. Countries like Britain, Latin America, Brazil. Where is BLM there? Now that we’re on the topic of BLM, how can anybody not agree that black lives matter. All lives do, it is an inarguable fact. But in current day American culture, stating “All lives matter,” can be thought of to come across racist. Why? Because it is only accepted to state that black lives matter due to the oppression and racism they face. It isn’t like there’s any successful black people that came from nothing. Oh wait, there’s actually an insane amount. In almost every single industry. Matter a fact, mark me if I’m wrong, but I believe we had a black president for 8 years. Nooo, that cant be right. America is systemically racist and meant to destroy the ethnicity. How? Well that’s the thing. There is not one state/federal mandate in action to suppress African Americans. 


          What other arguments are out there now? Police brutality? Yes indeed. If it were just black lives matter, they would really have to start being accountable themselves, as 90 percent of black people killed were killed by other black people in 2014(FBI Universal crime report). But that would be comparing apples to oranges according to the media, it’s more about police brutality. There are some bad police officers. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t police exist to regulate crime and keep places safe? Wouldn’t it be ideal to be cooperative with authority? I mean they do have a gun and don’t like to take chances as that’s how they wind up injured or dead with many of the people they typically deal with. Some of the recent cases should never have happened and is all on the cops involved, but others, I mean what were they thinking? If you want to argue a police brutality case, just make sure you read all the facts and don’t just eat up the manipulated story the media states. As far as each of these cases being racist though? How? Tell me how they are racist. This year, there has been twice as many whites shot dead by police then blacks. Quite relevant considering the relation of violent crimes. Of course, everybody knows the popular news companies have individual narratives they are trying to express, so that is why almost everything they say is considerably bias in some way. Hence fake news. The facts and your own research is how you should make your assumptions. Not just what your told, particularly on tv for that matter.


          Now that we got all the sensitive race stuff out, I hope we can be on a similar page. I hate talking about race. Though it is literally just skin color, people have made it so much more then that over the years. I almost feel like if we all just completely stop talking about it, it could go away. I really don’t know why we don’t. Anyway, I’m trying to go about this simply by the basic facts and my individual principle of morality. I love everyone and support everything. Any color, gender, or sex affiliation. I really do not care. I have plenty of amazing friends from every origin. Some may think I’m racist after this but my goal is really just to strive to bring us a little bit more together. I hate seeing this separation between us as a nation. I’ve only seen it getting bigger here recently. We need to realize that we are one nation and the issue of race should not be dividing us. There are real issues in some some of our communities but fixing it with bigots exploiting supposed systematic racism is not the solution. It is being used as front to fit a political narrative which happens every 4 years. There are actual ways to fix these problems. As I’m not going to get into party affiliations and policies, I want to encourage people to strive to make important political decisions on their own by knowing the facts and making their own interpretations. I don’t think there is enough of that these days. 


          More so, I please ask we all strive to stick together regardless our political differences. This is a hard year and as I mentioned earlier, we don’t need any more separation. Respectively agree to disagree over controversial topics. It is perfectly okay to have different opinions and ways of seeing things. There is more then one way think and neither have to be wrong.