Allegorical Blight

     In this body of work, I explore the power of the nude body inspired from ancient mythological sculpture. To alter these forms to fit the powerful idealization of the sculptures, I used a French originated chemical process known as mordançage. This process allows me to bleach out the image, and bring it back in the way I feel fit.


     I needed to make sure each photograph had a consistent balance of dramatic, yet beautiful elements throughout the series. I kept this closely in mind from the beginning with the exposures, until the end during the editing process. As there was much drapery in the clothing of these old sculptures, the lift of the emulsion works beautifully to exemplify that. It is also used expressively to conceive melodramatic aspects.


    Not being creatively limited to only the sculptures, I incorporated more religious based aesthetics as well such as mandorla, and positive recreations from the shroud of turin. Noticeable in a few of the pieces, I brought together a conceptual element as a play off some of the old mythological stories the sculptures were based off.